Michigan Basic Skills Series

Introduced in 2007, and continuing with vigor into 2017 the Michigan Basic Skills series offers many opportunities for Basic Skills level skaters to compete in a series of competitions with consistent rules, a friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity to earn points towards season awards.

News, and Season Points after Sep 16 2017 Chelsea
Sep 19The Entry Deadline for Dearborn Basic Skills 2017 has been extended until Sep 25
Sep 17Posted RESULTS from Coliseum Freeze 2017. Thank you to Teresa Melzer for providing these results for posting!
Sep 10Posted SCHEDULE for Coliseum Freeze 2017

2017 Season Competitions

Feb 04
Onyx-Suburban BS Challenge 2017 due Jan 15 Anc
Feb 25
Skate Elite 2017 due Feb 16 Anc
Mar 11
Mountain Town Classic 2017 due Mar 01 Anc
Mar 25
Tuxedo Invitational 2017 due Mar 10 Anc
Apr 09
Arctic Basic Skills 2017 due Mar 27 Anc
Apr 29
Skate the Zoo 2017 due Apr 14 Anc
May 07
Iceland Spring Fling 2017 due Apr 27 Anc
May 27
Journey on the River Raisin CANCELLED due May 12 Anc
Jun 03
Troy ICES Basic Skills Challenge 2017 due May 25 Anc
Jun 10
Ann Arbor Skills/Showcase 2017 due May 26 Anc
Jun 17
Farmington Summer Swizzle 2017 due Jun 01 Anc
Jul 15
Skate the Shores 2017 due Jul 07 Anc
Jul 29
Novi Summer Chill Basic Skills 2017 due Jul 16 Anc
Sep 16
Coliseum Freeze 2017 due Sep 01 Anc
Oct 07
Dearborn Basic Skills 2017 due Sep 25 Anc
Oct 21
Plymouth Spooktacular 2017 due Oct 07 Anc
Nov 04
Skate Midland 2017 due Oct 15 Anc

Each year approximately 16 series competitions are offered. Each competition is a stand-alone event, and you can enter as many or as few competitons as your interest and your budget allows. Medals are awarded for all flights at all competitions. Additionally, skaters who compete in Series competitions (as listed above) accumulate points each season towards a season-long Series medal. There is no additional fee or "registration" required to become eligible for the Series medals, all skaters participating in any Series competition are eligible, based on performance.

Skaters interested in receiving Season awards should plan to enter as many competitions as possible, though there is no upper or lower limit on the number entered. For each Elements or CM event entered, and for each Freeskate event entered, the skater receives points towards their season total (note that "Beyond the Basics" events such as spins, dance, pairs, theater, showcase, synchro, adult events or CM/FS at PrePreliminary or Preliminary levels are not eligible for series points).

We try to limit all flights to a maximum of 6 skaters. Award points are awarded as follows: 1st place=6 points, 2nd place=5 points, 3rd place=4 points, and so on down to 6th place=1 point. If an event has 2-6 skaters, points are awarded as if there were 6 skaters in the group. If there is only one skater in the group, they will be awarded 3 points. If last-minute changes cause groups to become larger than 6 skaters, then all skaters following 6th place will receive 1 point. Skaters may receive bonus points for advancing in level during the course of the season. A separate points talley is kept for the Elements/CM events and for the FS events. At the end of the series, in the case of total points tied, all skaters tied for a place will be awarded a medal - no ties will be broken.

A very special Awards Ceremony is presented near the end of the final competition in the season (Midland). At this ceremony, season medalists (1,2,3) get the red-carpet treatment with medals and flowers presented on-ice, on podiums. Season medals are awarded in each discipline (CM/Elements and FS), at each eligible level (Snowplow and Basic 1-8, Limited Beginner, Beginner, NoTest)

Michigan has passed a Sports Concussion Law that went in to full effect June 30th, 2013. This law requires all coaches, employees, volunteers and other adults involved with a youth athletic activity to complete a concussion awareness on-line training program. The training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. A certificate of taking the course will be provided. The Series requires each competition leader to take this training.

The law also requires the organizing entity, Michigan Basic Skills Series, to obtain a signed statement by each youth athlete and a parent/guardian that acknowledges receipt of educational materials on concussions and their consequences. Signed statements will be kept on file by Suzy Malloure, but may be submitted at any Series competition for filing.

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